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About Us

Banshee Hills Pty Ltd is an independent Australian (Boorloo – Perth, WA) production company launched in 2021 by filmmaker - Aaron McCann. The company's mission is to assist in the development and production of exciting, interesting, and challenging content across multiple platforms which a heavy focus on genre and comedy material.


Our aim is for inclusive and dynamic storytelling across many genres that will capture the imaginations of audiences globally.

Why "Banshee"?

Bean-sí (Gaelic-Irish) is a "fairy woman", a female spirit from Irish folklore. She can sometimes be a harbinger of 'death' and 'doom' and has close traditional ties to the Tumulus mounds found across the Irish countryside -- the "hills".

The name harkens back to Aaron McCann’s Irish heritage, the stories his grandparents used to tell him and the magic and wonder that storytelling creates within the family unit.

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